Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Modest Proposal

Caryn and I have been researching the immigration restriction movement. As you may know, anti-immigration propaganda has been at the center of the extremist campaign to gain influence politically, not only here in the United States, but globally as well. In the course of our investigation we came upon Stephen Steinlight, a Senior Policy Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), who is trying to convince the Jewish community that we need a stricter immigration policy because the massive Mexican immigration threatens us as Americans and as Jews. This is a daunting task since the Jewish community has always been extremely sympathetic to immigrants.

Steinlight is the last person you would expect to find working for an organization that was started by John Tanton, a racist and antisemite. He began his career working for civil rights organizations such as the American Jewish Committee and the U.S. Holocaust Museum. He “converted” – his own term for his change of views – and in 2001, he joined the white nationalist as a Senior Policy Analyst for CIS. Since then he has been trying to convince Jews that Mexican immigration to the U.S. – both legal and illegal – is a threat to the country and to Jews.

He posted a blog on a Jewish web site called, Jewcy (, in which he spoke of the danger of “irredentist” Mexicans who refuse to learn English and who remain loyal to Mexico, actually threatening the U.S. sovereignty of states such as Texas, New Mexico and California. At the very least, they threaten the social cohesion of American society. In response, I posted a comment, titled, “A Modest Proposal,” in which I suggested that “it is never too late to give back what has been stolen” and perhaps we ought to just let the Mexicans have Texas, New Mexico and California. What follows below is the reaction to my modest proposal. I must warn you ahead of time, some of what follows are the mindless babblings of individuals devoid of the ability to express themselves in sentences. Clearly, I am gaining a reputation among white nationalists who can barely read.

The first response comes from “The Kvetcher.” I present his blog, unedited:

Well, at least he is honest about his hopes for the Southwest
by DK

A man claiming to be Dr. Barry Mehler, a far-Left Jewish activist whose *achievements* include, according to Wikipedia,
“employing ‘inflammatory’ and ‘inquisitional’ anti-racist rhetoric in an effort to spur activism and discredit controversial scientists through the manipulation of popular opinion.”

…proposed on Jewcy that,

I have a modest proposal in regard to this possibility. It is never too late to give back what you have stolen. Let Mexico have Texas, New Mexico and California. The result would be a smaller United States and a larger Mexico. The world’s one great super-power would become more like other nations and we would have to work in concert with others.

He also had some sympathetic words for those of us who want to retain these lands as part of our Anglo-culture.

We live in a hemisphere of the earth that is predominantly Spanish speaking. The age in which European descended white men could rule the earth is over. California, Texas, Florida and New Mexico will become states with majority Spanish speaking populations and their sympathies will be different from those of English speaking white men. It’s always a new world. Get out of the doorway if you can’t understand. The Mexicans are coming and they have every right to be here.
Of course, those of us who do not want this are “white nationalists,” and therefore “racists,” and therefore there is no legitimate debate to suggest stemming the tide, because all who oppose are white nationalist racists anyway.
Just “get out of the doorway.”

And here is the liberteaux - likewise, unedited.

DoGooder's Holyland

For those of you who haven't figured it out, no World Global Government is going to protect you. When will we learn, for heaven's sake. There is nothing wrong with insisting that people of vastly different cultures shall not be welcome here unless they are willing to become part of the original American project - that being the one invisioned by the wise and worldly founders. Even David Mamet realized their brilliance recently, and has seen the light. Mexico is for Mexicans, if their loyalty is to Mexico. They are just as selfish as we are if they want to come here 'for a better way of life'. What about MY better way of life, which is one that is without them. You say that that Mexican illegals have done nothing bad to this country? When my wife grew up in Phoenix her town of Maryvale was a lovely spot. Now it is gangland. Is it a superior culture who has taken over, or has our weakness and self-imolation to the god of Eastern European remorse still so with us that we are poisoned for life. Have we no self interest that is not tied into the supposed pursuit of 'justice' - when what we really are doing is providing the lawyers to make America-hating immigrants citizens at our own peril? When did we lose sight of justice being two sided - not only for those who want to be happy, but for those of us lucky enough to be here already. I for one have no moral obligation whatsoever to 'make the world happy', especially if it means making myself unhappy. Illegal immigrants have no rights here, and no right to be here at all. There is no univeral right to free immigration. It is a canard intented to keep the weak minded and guilt ridden on a constant journey of self deprication and deprivation so that a sick and sad society can assuage their own feelings of failure. Mexicans have no 'right' to the American West, only America haters think so, so who cares what they think anyway. I love my country just as it was. Where I came from no one discriminated against us for being Jews, we owned and still own the biggest and best apparel stores, furniture stores, hunting and sporting equipment stores, and we do not consider ourselves Askenazi first. We are Americans first. Our friends are white and black Americans who owe no allegiance whatsoever to any world 'justice' movement. Justice is right in front of you if you are just, and nowhere if you are not. I and other Jews like me will continue to support the sheriff in Phoenix who does his job to protect me and my family from those who think they deserve an American life because somebody like you says they have a right to it. You who would like to live in the socialist past of Eastern Europe. You who self-immolate and throw Western Civilization on the fire for your 'justice'. So that you can stand the guilt you allowed your parents to instill in you. A guilt that makes you miserable. My kids are happy. They are not poisoned with the shame of the past. Nor are they so arrogant that they think they can 'save the planet' for everyone but the horrible European white race that made Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Korngold, Wagner, Shakespeare, Somerset Maugham, Rembrandt, Bizet, Puccini and so much more that is detested by the tribal leftist, Caucasian-hating world, ancient and modern. I can't help you. You are amongst the miserable lost. But I can help stop you - for you will once again lead us into chaos and destruction by placing us at the hands of the murdering globalists who always have us in their crosshairs. I will stay an American, thank you very much. And so will my beloved Southwest.

And then a Mexican-American weighed in to point out that: (Edited)

“Hispanic” kids are now 50.2% of ALL first graders in the State of Texas.

55% of births in California are “Hispanic”, 45% of births in Arizona are “Hispanic”, 55% of births in New Mexico are “Hispanic”, 40% of births in Nevada are “Hispanic”, 30% of births in Colorado are “Hispanic”, 30% of births in Florida are non Mexican “Hispanic”. 25% of births in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island (25% in each state) are non Mexican “Hispanic”. …

Whites (Anglos?) have below replacement birthrates all over the globe. In the southwest, this means whites are a mere 27% of births in California. 34% in Texas, etc

You people are waging battles in a war you have already lost. The only thing you can achieve at this point is the retardation of “Hispanic” socio-economic development. The flip side of this is a deep sense of ethnic cohesion….
America has been multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious, multi-cultural, etc since the FIRST DAY European illegal aliens set foot on this continent. ANYONE that has a problem with this NOW should go back to their ancestral homelands (Aliya?). Granted people here now should learn English and attempt to acculturate themselves .

Mexican-Americans are as American as ANYONE with roots in Europe. Those of you that hate us so much should make Aliya, go back to Europe, Asia, Middle East, or whatever the case may be. WE SURVIVED 500 YEARS OF EUROPEAN (starting with the Spanish) EFFORTS TO EXTERMINATE US…AND THE NEXT 500 YEARS ARE GONNA BE DIFFERENT!
The craziest thing about being Mexican-American is that after ANOTHER day of tv, magazines, radio, cable “news”, internet, etc telling me how much whites (mostly but not exclusively) hate me, I come home to learn Marine Corps recruiters have come looking for me AGAIN that I may “serve my country”.

However, to borrow a phrase from “The Greatest”; No Iraqi/Afghan ever called me a wetback!


Dr. Mehler would only add that the definition of an “American” according to the Fourteenth Amendment, is “anyone born in the United States.” It is a simple definition that says nothing about our language or values – both of which are constantly changing. It is this change that the white nationalists fear and that fear is the engine driving the white nationalist drive.

Today is the last day of the eight day holiday of Pesach. It is a holiday in which Jews remember that they were once immigrants, fleeing famine in Canaan, who settled in Egypt only to find the Egyptians worrying that we would become "too numerous." Driven out, we found ourselves considered barbarian invaders by the natives of the lands we wished to return to. In short, Jews remember what it was like being a stranger in a new land and we are commanded to welcome the stranger, not fear her.


  1. But it's okay when Israel does it, right?,7340,L-3700189,00.html

  2. My post was, in fact, edited. A lot. All the block quotes--never mind the links--were taken out, and it is consequently much harder to read coherently.

    But I guess that works well for you with your penchant for nasty name calling that you are famous for, Dr. Mehler.

    Regardless, restore the block quotes and links to my post, or admit that it was, in fact, edited heavily.

  3. Dr. Mehler, the 'Modest Proposal' that you suggest by giving the 'stolen' lands of Texas, California and New Mexico back to the Mexicans is very funny indeed. Land rights have nothing to do with who happened to own the land in the past(whether it be U.S. ownership of the southwest or Israel's ownership of Jerusalem). By your rationale, the U.S. ought to give America back to the Native Americans and Israel ought to give their country back to the Palestinians.

  4. The term, "A modest proposal" is a reference to Jonathan Swift, who published an essay in 1729 entitled, "A Modest Proposal for preventing the children of the poor from being a burden to their parents or country." A modest proposal is not to be taken seriously as a policy proposal. It is meant to offer an alternative way of looking at reality. In this case, I don't really propose returning to the past. I'm trying to explore the nature of the argument of those who fear Mexicans. My main point is that they fear a change which is inevitable. Israelis and Palestinians have to find a way to live together. My orientation has always been to focus on humane solutions to immediate problems.

  5. Well, aside from extremist 'white nationalists,' I think that most people want sensible immigration laws because of the number of services and social programs that are publicly funded. Whether it be schools, social security, medicaid, medicare, food stamps(bridge cards?), roads, police, firefighters, EMT and the myriad of other services that take government funding. The main things that Americans 'fear' are their tax dollars being used on the children of illegal immigrants.

    The bottom line is that if you dismantle the welfare state, you take away any incentive to abuse the system. Then a country could have open borders because as Milton Friedman said, "it is impossible to have open borders and a welfare state." Then 'illegal' immigrants could freely come and go to compete with average citizens thereby driving down the price of labor making businesses pull in more profit.