Friday, May 27, 2011

1985, when all was well with the world… I had a dream:

“When my son, Isaac, was two years old, he could already sing the Shema and the aleph bet song. I dreamed he got into my van and somehow had released the break. The van was careening down a hill and I feared for his life. There was heavy traffic and I was desperately trying to stop a car in order to get help. But the cars swerved around me as I waved my hands hysterically. They would not stop. I woke up in a sweat. And that is just how I feel sometimes - like a man desperately trying to stop the passing traffic in order to save the life of his son.”

Quoted from, “Amalek: Vengeance, Justice and Reconciliation,” a paper I read at my brother Peter’s shool, Congregation Beth El, I believe in Clearwater, Florida 19 May 1985.

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