Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teaching Kindergarten in Abu Dahbi

Navigating the "madcap" Abu Dahbi housing market can be a challenge. Fortunately, this kindergaten teacher is given a 65K housing allowance. But she will have to hurry and straight from a fourteen hour flight, she looks at 3 apartments in a single day. She rents a spectacular luxury apartment a few blocks from the Mediterranean. In Abu Dhabi, education is important.

Check it out, America has become a third class nation with a collapsing housing market and educational system. The only thing that we still excel in is our nuclear submarines and other military technology.

For the entire program:
or a snip from youtube.

We are a civilzation in decline pretending that all we need is a tea party. That might have worked in 1774, it is delusional in 2011.

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