Friday, October 12, 2012

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Phil Rushton’s Credo And The New Dark Age

By Spencer Davenport on October 9, 2012 at 12:13am

Four days after Professor J. Philippe Rushton’s death on October 2, Salon regurgitated uncritically the $PLC’s postmortem smear (Leading race ‘scientist’ dies in Canada, by Don Terry, originally posted on the Southern Poverty Law Center website October 5.). This quoted Ferris State University professor and Marxist ideologue Barry Mehler [Email him]: “He’s the end of an era of academic racists of his style and notoriety”.

The $PLC’s recycled smear was the usual abuse: “Rushton’s infamous theory about race and intelligence,” “prominent elder [of] academic racism,” Rushton’s “monstrous” ideas, “Rushton’s ‘highly suspect’ research,” “author of a handful of academic tomes,” “Rushton was pushing old-fashioned racism,” and (best of all!) Rushton “often published on racist websites, including the anti-immigrant hate site”. [ note: link proudly added].

The $PLC’s Terry concluded his tirade of hate with a swipe at Rushton’s ratings based on student comments posted at He noted that, although a few students posted favorable ratings, a “majority of the reviewers rated him ‘poor quality’”.

But the comments quoted (here and here) reflected ideological disagreement rather than poor instruction. And, typically, the $PLC failed to disclose Barry Mehler’s own mediocre ratings also posted at

“This guy is so incredibly hard to follow, it’s ridiculous…. He made us buy two books, one of which we NEVER used and the other which was more of a novel spreading propaganda about how America is an evil empire”; “I dropped this class after the first day! He did not say a word about History and rambled on about how our country was thriving when everyone smoked Camel cigarettes”; “horribly boring”; “Dr. Mehler is one of the worst teachers I’ve ever had! He re-wrote the text book online so everything is his opinion, and if you don’t agree you fail”.

ok, can I have a word, here. I'm sorry you NEVER used your books. It's a real shame and a waste of money to buy books and never use them. I apologize. I also have never claimed to be a great teacher. I know I am incredibly hard to follow and I know it is rediculous. Some people like it that way. But the bottom line is this. Rushton scored 2.6 and I scored 3.0. Ok, I win and I'm alive and he is dead. Of course, give me another three years and my score will probably be 2.6 as well. But our scores are a matter of record and I win. Those facts cannot be changed no matter how much you despise me.

And I want to thank you for reminding me that I am a Marxist ideologue. I had forgotten. Speaking of which, I should clear the air at this point. Phil had a very small penis. All his life he wished for a great big one like those black boys have. As a man of science he knew he could never make his penis bigger, but he consoled himself with the knowledge his head was bigger than those black boys who were getting all the girls. Me, I was always proud of the fact that my penis is bigger than my brain. People with bigger genitalia have more fun than people with tiny little genitalia. I feel sorry for the Asians who have such small genitalia. For me, the mark of a really superior human being is someone with really great genitalia.

And that is where this whole line of reasoning brings me. It was nonesense then and it is nonesense now. But, hey, it's a job. I get paid to teach children nonesense.

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